Work-out from home

Work out

Everybody needs to exercise. Whether it is to loose some weight of keep the blood flowing everyone needs it at least twice a week to keep a healthy heart. I often use this time to take a break from everyone else and allow myself some me-time.

Going to the gym nowadays is sometimes expensive and if then you add up the freezing winter and rain you can easily rule out going for a run. But we don’t get any other moment to build that lean hot summer body do we? There is anyways no excuse for not doing anything. Organisation is key. And even if you can’t get out of bed that easily, after you’ve done it you’ll feel great. ¬†Following my schedule on inspiring you guys to give yourselves a little more love and enjoy life, I’ll share with you my secrets.

Do everything but do it while dancing

An amazing work out session can be anywhere from walking to school, cleaning to even picking up your room. All you need is a great playlist full of the music you love or you can dance and sing to. Anything that gets your blood pumping is a great choice. Here are my personal favourites:

Talking about warming up, some latin hits:

Sing along:

Great cardio beats:

Ballet Beautiful

If you are looking for a lean figure, great cardio and a work-out suited for everyone you need to try this one. This professional ballerina made a this work-out based on ballet moves. It elongates your figure and if I may say it, it did wonders with my legs in two weeks. A great work-out, sweet and supportive teacher and you can do it on your room. No equipment is needed, although I use a yoga matt to minimise pain on my knees. The firs week I tried it, I got amazing results. After almost 2 years, I’m still hooked up on it.

Pilates and Yoga

Ideal for your abs and tranquility. When I am really stressed I love to relax with Boho Beautiful’s videos. She has a really healthy lifestyle and does amazing videos. She doesn’t only do meditation and yoga, which are perfect for a nighttime relaxing session or work-out, but also pilates challenges. I mix it with my ballet beautiful playlist and those extra kilo’s I gain on winter are gone in weeks. Again this videos are ¬†easy to do at home.

Train like an Angel by Victoria’s Secret

Who on earth doesn’t want a Victoria’s Secret Angel body? I mean is that even a question? The best part of this workout playlist is that they teach you what the angels do to get that amazing bikini body. It is a mix of many workout styles, even ballet beautiful and pilates. If you are looking for a hardcore cardio that shapes your body without you leaving your house, you need this in you life.

Feeling angry, mad, sad or alone ? Run!

The best therapy ever is to put on some great music and go out the door and run. Your body releases automatically hormones that make you feel great. If you are upset and probably not sleeping, it is great to go out for a run, listen to some good music and tire yourself up, that way when you are home and showered you’ll sleep like a baby. Plus the exercise is good for you and keeps you healthy.

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