Winter Layering the French way



Since I am a girl that comes from the tropical weather, dressing for the cold weather and look good was not that easy. It took me a few trials to master the art of layering. While looking for some inspiration I stumbled upon many looks but nobody did it better that Parisians. The key rule is to keep it simple. The colder the more layer you add.




Choose the first layer wisely: The first layer must consist of basics that hug your figure. There is no need for layering to make you look chubby. Tights and a white t-shirt are the usuals.


The second layer is the base: To build the outfit up you require a good base, choose a simple first layer. Play with length and textures. If you decide to add some detail, like ruffles, don’t let it be exaggerated. My favourites are a long white collar blouse or a black skin tight turtleneck.


Add texture and hug your figure: This layer adds a bit extra to your look. Maybe you are not that crazy for colours in the winter, but adding a different texture makes your outfit a bit more interesting. This layer also helps you regain the figure of your body. The perfect match is a sweater or a cardigan.


The key piece: Your coat is going to be the most important piece, choose wisely. A blazer, a coat or a vest; or maybe all three. Play with colours and textures as well, remember the colder it is the more layers you’ll need.


Details, details, details: A winter outfit doesn’t allow you to play with it that much, specially with that much layers. But the accessories allow you to add it a lot more style. A fedora hat, a great bag, scarf, earrings or sunglasses. Make it yours by adding a bit more.

































What I wore:

Skinny jeans – ONLY

Sweater – Pedro del Hierro

Scarf- ZARA

Ruffle Blouse – Vintage

Shoes – Adidas

Bag – ZARA

Earrings – Tory Burch

Watch -Tory Burch

Glasses – Urban Outfitters

Double-breasted jacket – Zara


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