Winter day-to-night look: Nighttime



As I promised here is part two of my winter day-to-night look!

Making a day look transition to a night look is pretty simple but you have to focus on 3 things: choosing good basic pieces, accessories and fabrics. When you have those three things checked on your list, putting a nighttime outfit together is no problem at all.

As I said on my daytime look I chose brown tights and a knitted white jumper as my basics. To make the white knit look more chic and delicate, I went for a corduroy skirt. A very classy fabric that takes the elegance of the jumper a level higher, plus it will keep you warm for sure. For my shoes I wanted to add a wow-effect. To do that you need either a contrasting shoe color of a rare design, that is why I chose a classy design not easy to find nowadays but very trendy. This heels with a victorian style and gold details made my outfit look very chic.  And again velvet, which is a trend from this winter, is a fabric that gives style.

Now that I had my basics and fabrics covered I needed to add some accessories that added extra texture and contrast to the already chic and classy outfit. To make it fun and youthful I paired it with a rose gold envelope bag with a sort of dangle trim, very unique and again adds a wow effect. After that I wore a big heavy bracelet with 3 colours of gold, on top of the sleeves. One thing to remember this season is to wear statement jewellery.











What I wore:

Jumper: Primark

Skirt: Forever 21 

Bag: Gabriela Pulido

(Great Venezuelan Designer – Check out her designs here)

Bracelet: Vintage Cartier

(For a good page to find vintage items click here)

Shoes: Vicini

Tights: H&M 

Like I told you, having those three checks on you list leads to a perfect outfit.

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