Winter day-to-night look: Daytime



We all know how difficult it is to look stylish when your day is full with a million things to do. It gets even harder when winter begins. It is not easy to style a look that can stand the weather and our daily chores. And as if it wasn’t difficult enough, you need to assemble a new outfit to go out directly after work. I know it is pretty complicated. But there is a very simple way to solve this issue.

Day-to-night outfits are a life saver when it comes to busy days, meeting your friends after work or even a date. The idea is to choose basic, comfortable pieces and change the special elements around those pieces. I know  it sounds complicated but it’s easier than it sounds.

To honor our winter season and the cold weather I have created for you a basic day-to-night look so you guys can recreate it or be inspired by it. In today’s blog you’ll get to see the daytime version of the look. A very versatile outfit to wear to either work or uni. A comfortable and casual look with a chic vibe to get you through your day flawlessly. And even better, you can easily make it a nighttime look as well.




For this look I chose a white gorgeous knit jumper and brown tights as a basis to the outfit. Two very trendy colors and warm enough to walk to the city. Plus they can be easily transformed into a more elegant and put together outfit with the right accessories.  I then added a denim miniskirt, very trendy for the upcoming seasons, casual and comfortable. I then added a pair of comfy booties that matched the tights perfectly. To complete the look I wore a small Chanel-print handbag, Hermes watch and vintage Cartier sunnies. Of course I could not forget one of the most important and upcoming trends, long statement earrings.

















That was the daytime version of the look. Let me know if you guys recreate this look and stay tuned for Sunday’s blog for the nighttime version.

What I wore:

Jumper:  Primark

Tights: H&M

Watch: Hermes

Sunglasses: Vintage Cartier

Boots : March23

Skirt: Just

Handbag: Vintage Chanel

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