Wear a catwalk skirt, without it being summer


The cold weather is here but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a skirt. Even though walking in a skirt doesn’t sound so comfortable when it’s snowing or raining I have a few tips you can use to survive the weather and still rock you favorite skirt. Plus they are all in this season’s trends!





Keep your outfit in season:

First of all stick to the dark colors. It will keep your outfit in season. Try to combine everything with blacks, browns, military green, gray and even dark denim. Dark colors also tend to attract more warmth than light colors. You can also try wearing suede, it is really everywhere, and is a great first layer fabric to keep you warm.





Make the first layer warm:

Layering is a must in this season but the most important when wearing a skirt, at least on my experience, is keeping the first layer warm enough. I paired a turtleneck black sweater from Zara. And that is one of the most important trends in the sweater area, turtle necks! Clean thin ones but also chunky knit with exaggerated turtle legs. To cover my legs instead of normal panties I used Primark’s super cosy tights. They are super warm and thick but still very comfortable. Above all that I wore high boots so everything was enough covered and protected from the cold. High boots, more specific high-knee boots, are THE trend of the autumn-winter season along the faux fur. And it’s not for nothing this two trends together look amazing!





Chose the right jacket:

Jackets are this year the statement piece in every collection. Specially because of the faux fur trend. If you dress all in black make your jacket be the one to stand out in another color, another fabric, faux fur. Let it take all the attention. And with a good  first layer you can use any jacket even though it is not the warmest.





Carry a backpack:

Backpacks are back! Every store is being filled with the 90’s vibe. Backpacks are everywhere and I don’t speak about Zara only but high end stores like army and even Chanel. Very handy also for the weather. I find it personally easier to carry but you also protect your stuff from the rain. With the right choice you can make your¬†outfit look a bit more relaxed or turn it the other way around.







Let me know what are your favorite trends for this season and how do you make them wearable in the cold weather?


Stay tuned for more autumn trends!

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