Train, Eat and Live like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Train like an Angel

All eyes are in Shanghai for The Victoria’s Secret Show. The annual Victoria’s Secret collection will be showcased this year at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai on November 28th. The line up of the hottest models around the world has already been selected to walk one of the most expected catwalks of the year. Of course, a new show comes with a new fantasy bra.This year it’s Lais Ribeiro who gets to walk the runway wearing the two million dollar Champagne Nights fantasy bra. The famous models, better known as Angels, are the heart of the brand and the obsession for them is huge. But can we all look like an angel?

Ever since I was little I have dreamed of that fashion model life. Not gonna lie, it’s kind of in my cultural identity. I grew up watching the Miss Venezuela pageants and wanting to be one, after all, they were the most beautiful women in the world. But it is indeed a way of thinking not many people understand. After a while, I got to know the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and with the appearance of Instagram that sort of dreams and lifestyle has been more understood and accepted. Up to the point that I don’t think I know a girl that wouldn’t like at least a piece of their awesome Instagram life.

We can’t sadly all walk the most televised fashion show in the U.S. but we can follow a few of their tips and tricks for a fit, healthier and beautiful daily routine.


An important detail for every Angel is their make up, not only on the runway but on a daily basis. Not because make-up makes them beautiful but because there has to be a balance between highlighting their best features and having a natural look. After years of basically stalking runways, their area few tips and tricks I’ve learned. The most important thing is to find one feature of your face that you’ll focus on and keep the rest natural. For me, it’s always either brows or lips and sometimes a combination of both. The thing is that even though I like to wear bold eyebrows, I always try to keep it natural. Highlighter is a must, even if you think it’s too much, the right amount of highlighter adds light to your face, which makes you look healthier and alive. Focus on the highpoints of your face: the bridge of the nose, cheeks, cupid’s bow, browbone and inner corner of the eye. Curl your lashes, add mascara, define your eyes slightly and you are good to go. Gloss, of course, don’t forget your gloss!

Make up like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Make up like a Victoria's Secret Angel


Easier than it sounds, thanks to the Victoria’s Secret YouTube channel. There is a whole playlist for different types of workouts you can do even at home to get that Angel babe body. The model’s body is one of the signature features on the show of course, and believe it or not a motivation to hit the gym now an then.  Keep always an open spot on your daily agenda for a work-out a day.

Eat like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Eat like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Need some help? Here’s a playlist:


Eating clean should come as no surprise, I mean these girls really go the extra mile to be on fleek for when they walk the runway. Whether you want that model body or not, a healthy diet is actually something you should always keep in mind. I love to start my day with an oatmeal, just like Romee Strijd. It’s really easy and fast. Add 4 tablespoons of oatmeal, almond milk, 1 teaspoon chia seeds and some berries.

Eat like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Eat like a Victoria's Secret Angel


This is probably my favorite part, their flawless outfits. Photos of them as they walk through the busy streets of New York are definitely iconic. Although no paparazzi are following me anywhere, I love to wear that style on a day-to-day basis. Not only is it comfortable but it is stylish, put together en chic. For the winter some staples are high waisted jeans or black pants, jean jackets and hoodies, trench coats, white t’s, big statement glasses and leather jackets. For the rest, pair it up with chic boots or comfy sneakers. If you are looking for a more bold look, add a Victoria’s Secret lingerie item to your wardrobe, at the end that is what it is all about, that effortlessly sexy look.

Dress like a model

Dress like a model


That angel beachy messy wave is every girl’s dream. That messy curl is my go-to hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean the angels don’t rock a sleek straight hair. The key is to always keep it sultry, messy and sexy. The best way is to add some texture spray or dry shampoo. If you want to go the extra mile the ask your hairdresser to add some highlights to your hair. Not only would you look like a beach babe all year long but it gives light to your face.

Make up like a Victoria's Secret Angel


Make up like a Victoria's Secret Angel

There you go, easy tips on how to become an angel your self.  Let me know which tips you are trying out and see you on November 28th.

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