The importance of a signature item



Your signature item that one statement piece you’ll need to choose wisely. You are allowed to splurge or safe on. It can be brand new, from a vintage shop, with a crazy print or a dark leather. The only thing you’ll need to know is that it must represent who you are.


One of the key trend and piece in a Fresh Girls wardrobe is her statement item. That one jacket or bag that makes her an icon, recognised and different all at the same time. Of course each girl has her own trend and therefore her own item. Don’t worry about spending a lot on it because according to the rule you’ll need to wear it 80% of the time.


We all have that one jacket or pair of shoes we can’t take off ever since the moment we bought it. Eventually it breaks or goes out of season and ends up at the back of the closet. That is absolutely not the piece I’m talking about. It is about investing in a piece either dramatic or completely safe which you will wear with absolutely anything for ages. That is the true definition of your signature item. Think Chanel and her pearls or Jackie and her big glasses.

My signature item is my leather jacket, by far my favourite trend on earth. It can be casual and elegant. It suits cold and warm weather. It is perfect for me, and matches who I am: uber feminine, romantic, chic, but with still a hint of edge the french way. My favourite way to style it is with a buttoned up shirt and jeans. Oh la la!


DSC_0066 2
DSC_0071 3
DSC_0077 2

What I wore :

Leather jacket : H&M

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Scarf: ZARA


Shoes: Adidas

Jeans: DKNY

Shirt: Halston



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