Summer Trends


Everybody who follows fashion very closely knows that you won’t find any better summer trends that in Coachella. That festival shows a preview of every piece that will be a hip this summer.  It does not matter in what part of the world you are at! This is what you need  to wear!




High waisted everything

No matter what you wear, choose high waisted! Shorts, jeans and even skirts.  Combined with boots or sandals, with your shirt tucked in or with a flowy top, this is the trend you need to have as a staple in the warm months. Besides there is no better way to show your beach body and not wear a swim suit.




Of the shoulder

The of the shoulder trend is already for a while in, but this summer going viral. From cute blue cuts from zara or darker colours combine with denim like in H&M this blouses are everywhere. Perfect to combine with the chokers.  You can also find it in dresses. Combine it with nice sandals and you’ll get a fresh look this summer.



Accessories time

Now is the time! Go crazy  with the rings, neckleases and your hair.  That is actually what this summer is going to be about.  The bandana trend which I have already mentioned before is hot this year, on your neck, as a belt and obviously in your head. Neckleases are also out there and not from the small ones, the big bold ones. Also chokers mixed with small chains. The long earings are also back with a very boho style.










This are my staples until now! Let me know what you all think about them and let me know your staples for this summer!





Stay tuned for more!





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