Sparkling face for March


DSC_0025The MAC gold deposit, if you are in the makeup world you have for sure heard about it. This amazing product is a bit in the expensive side but totally worth the money. A really soft nude colour mixed with a bronzer.  Plus, doing the honors tot he name, a lot of gold sparkle.





You might think that is to much sparkle for me, but actually it has a really soft finish. The sparkle is there but it is not exagerated like many other products that feature sparkle in it. It is also very easy to use, little dabs in the powder and spreading it through your cheaks will get the desired effect.





DSC_0018This product is perfect for the weather in March, gloomy or sunny days match this nude shinny bronzer. It also matches every make up look.  And what I like the most is that it makes  any lazy makeup look, just adding  this, a bit of mascara, foundation and lip liner  and you are ready to go.






DSC_0005It soft finish and also bronziness makes ita lso very good for soft contouring. It blends really nicely, and you don’t need to use to much product to get the desired look. I use the MAC 133 brush to make a soft line just under my cheeks and the brush it up towards the cheeks. Then with a blush brush I ad dit also to my cheeks.  That creates a complet look and you don’t need contouring, blush or highlighter.




You definitely need this one in your collection!



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