Simple but elegant


DSCN8763The rain has been non-stop the last couple of days, which obviously affects the way you are dressing. Not only that but if it is cold, it becomes difficult to style them. Keeping it simple is what really helps. The first rule in boots to me is choose a wearable colour but that still has a statement characteristic on it. Boots that you can wear everyday and are easy to combine is what you have to look for. But if you look for boots that have something that makes your outfit step up than styling them is not going to be a problem.



DSCN8767For the last months my shoe pick has been the Zara boots. They are shinny black which is
not only easy to combine it with others pieces, but the material of the boots adds them a little extra. They do not have a zipper but an opening at the side that adds a detail to the shoe form. As a little extra it has a golden detail on the
heel, adding a little extra.



Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.20.48



This shoe goes with almost everything and goes perfectly with the weather. It is very simple but adds elegance to any outfit even wearing jeans.

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