Nude Eyes


DSC_0047Choosing a combination of eye shadow for this time of the year is not that simple. Sunny days or to much rain is an everyday issue as we aproach the spring season. But that does not mean that there is no solution. The popular nude color combination has been mentioned quite a lot, especially since the the NAKED pallet of Urban Decay came along., With this colour combination the sky is the limit. You can go for a smoky eye, a simple light eye makeup, or difficult cut creast.



DSC_0044It is of course not all easy, especially as a beginner, but it just needs a little bit of practice. I was particularly looking for an eyeshadow palette containing this colour combination and that was not so expensive. The problem of “affordable” makeup is that it is not always the best option. Why? For example eyeshadow, if you pic a MAC or Anastasia Beverly Hills and try it on your hand it is full of color, easy to blend and lasts quite a long time. But sometimes you get a cheaper version and the results are not the same.



DSC_0048This Essence NUDES pallet caught immidiately my attention. Perfect colour combination and exactly what you need to create a beautiful eye makeup. If you are used to travel a lot or planning to go on holiday, it is also compact enough to travel with, but with the right amount of colors to create different looks for the whole trip. The selection of colours is also good thought. You  have highlight colours, dark tones, transition shades and glitter shades.




You can certainly create everything with perfect colours for the season for a good price and of a great  quality.


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