Not heat November


Hey guys!

Hair care is already a challenge for everyone, but the more you take care of it the more your hair will thank you. This November I decided to start a series on my blog to give my hair a break from all the damage and inspire you to do it. A whole month of caring for my hair but more importantly applying no heat!

Maybe it would be useful to tell you a little bit about my experience. Let me talk to you about my hair. I was born with naturally curly hair, what I used to find a total curse. Nowadays I have learned to embrace it. My natural hair color is light brown but I currently have lighter ends. I have been also fully blond and have had multiple times different types of baylages (stripes of hair that are lighter or a different color than yours).  In February 2015 I chopped my hair short and dyed it back brown after dying it blond turned out to be a total disaster. After a year and a half and another brown dye my hair ended up to be what is it now. But it takes a lot of caring and effort to keep it healthy after dying it so much.

Now that I am letting my hair grow and trying that it is on a healthy way, I started to look for the best way to do it. Apparently what everyone recommends is to stop the heat and hydrate it. YouTubers from all over the world have started doing it as well –  “In a month you’ll see the difference”-  and they promise a lot of results.




What’s the challenge?

Starting now until the 7th of december I won’t apply any heat to my hair. I will hydrate it using different products and tell you guys all about it. I will also be trying different ways to style your hair without using heat and teaching you how to do the ones that really work. At the end of the month we’ll see if I, and you guys if you accept the challenge, get the results everybody is promising. Are you ready ?

Good luck and let me know all about it!




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