No heat November is over!


No heat November is over but, what did I learn from not applying heat to my hair in one entire month? Not only did my hair recover from severe damage but a lot of things changed.

At the beginning of the month I thought a month was not a long time, but when it comes to not styling your hair while being a blogger it is not that easy. My hair is naturally curled and when the climate turns more windy or rainy it becomes a big disaster. That is the moment when we all turn to our heat-applying styling tools from which our hair suffers so much. Yet, being so dedicated to the cause as I was, I abstained from using them. I looked for ways to make my hair look good but without heat.






First of all I explored many different ways of styling my hair. Braids, boho styles, no-heat curling tutorials, everything and they did work. There are many ways of making the best of a bad hair day without heat. There is a way of letting your hair rest!

A few days into the challenge I noticed that washing my hair so often did make the damage bigger and my ends dryer. That’s why I decided to make it once or twice a week if I didn’t feel it was greasy. My hair thanked me everyday for it. Specially now in the winter.

Something I also discovered that even though your hair is full of essential oils, adding here and there another one in to your daily hair care routine is a great idea. Specially if you find one that leaves a pleasant smell behind!  Applying every few days an oil to my hair did not only help my hair smell good and moisturised it but it has made an amazing recovery.




Later on the month I learned to embrace my curls, but not because I had no choice but because I learned how to work with them. The most important thing became taking care of my hair and as the days passed I didn’t need to style it anymore. My hair was looking great because I took care of it and it was looking as good as ever, no heat involved.

This was a nourishing experience for my hair and  I think that the difference can be seen. Am I not styling my hair forever? No, but I am being more careful, using heat protectant and a lot more leave in conditioners. Taking care of my hair allows me to not have to style it so much, it looks pretty on its now.

And you? Would you give it a try?


What I wore:

Choker: ZARA

Body suit: FOREVER 21

Skirt: FOREVER 21 



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