My Favorite Apps to Stay Healthy

My favorite apps to stay healthy


When you hear the word health, what is the first thing that pops into you mind? There are many ways to define health and many people relate this word to many different things.  In my opinion, health is the steps you take towards a happy life by taking care of you physically and mentally.


In an era of smartphones and internet there is an app for everything. Among the many social media apps and games, there are quite a few that help  you lead a healthier life. I personally find those the most important ones. To help you get that me-time and a healthier and happier lifestyle , I thought of sharing my favorite apps that help me through each day.


My Health Apps:





Me-time is important, but other than yourself you need time. We all know that is the most difficult task. Where do we get time from? The key to combining a healthy lifestyle with your day-to-day life is determination but mostly organisation. If you are not organised everything leads to instant stress, or at least for me it does. Having your tasks, notes, worksheets, and appointments in order is what helps you sleep easier at night. With evernote all of it is possible and easier.  First of all, this app is downloadable  to all devices, that means that my mac has the exact same data that I can reach through my Iphone and it is updated all the time. With evernote everything is synchronised and the key word “organised”. Your notes from school, no matter where you are, will be there with you. Plus you can share them easily with other students and work together in a guide if you want. For the To-do list lovers like me, you can make thousands of them and have them everywhere with you without loosing them, and even with your own handwriting if you want.





If you plan of giving your body a piece of your day, make sure you do your head the same favour. Our heads don’t rest, they are constantly busy and everyday gets harder and harder. If we push ourselves beyond out limits, we can get pretty sick. That is the reason why stress builds up to a point where we can’t do anything anymore. To prevent that from happening, give yourself some time. My favorite app to calm myself down, step out of the room full of things happening and take a break is headspace. Headspace allows you to be mindful with the help of a coach. You can do it everyday whenever you want, wherever you want. Normally you give yourself 10 minutes, with the help of the voice speaking through the headphones you’ll train your mind to take a break and free itself from all the overwhelming thoughts for 10 minutes. There are many other exercises like fear of flying, exercising, after working out, etc. For sure worth trying.


Lifesum Lifesum


A very important thing in our lives is taking care of what we eat, even if you are not trying to loose any weight. Knowing what we eat, keeping track of it and trying to focus on healthy habits is something we have to incorporate to your daily routine. Eating clean and healthy is not only important for our body composition but as well for its functioning. The better you eat the better your brain and body will work. You’ll not only work and function better but you’ll feel directly beter. From feeling more awake and energised when you wake up, to a cleaner and healthier skin. Lifesum helps you track everything you eat and calculates the calories, proteins, exercising hours and water intake. You enter your weight and personal details, as well as your goal and it will help you know how you body is reacting to food and stay on track with your goals.


Nike+ Runners Club Nike+ Run Club


For those of you who go out running or are looking to start exercising a bit, Nike has the perfect app for it. I run once in a while and to be honest I should do it more often, but when I do this app is very helpful.  You can select a training and start running with a defined goal. It keeps track of your kilometers and announces them as you run. You can easily control your music with it and even select a power song for that extra boost when needed. Other than that it also calculates the amount of calories you burn per work-out and if you are on track with your training. It also marks your running route and how fast you went. At the end of it, everything is stored and you can always go back to check it out. Plus, you can share your progress with other app users and encourage your friends.


Spotify Spotify


Music is a big part of our lives and in my opinion a big part of our health as well. Many of us go to music to help us in different situations. We search for music with different moods depending on how we feel. I mean, no one needs a therapist when you have a perfect break-up song. I know it’s an exaggeration but I do think music helps us get through things. Spotify is the perfect app for that. Although I admit it is better on the laptop than on the smartphone, I find it very helpful. All the music you want everywhere you go and no memory loss.  What I personally love is the discovery section where you can simply look for a specific mood or genre and find instantly the perfect jazz playlist to sleep or focus music to study. Apart from that it helps me a lot when keeping in touch with music from my hometown. When living abroad listening to familiar sounds is very helpful, specially when homesick. Creating playlists, taking them everywhere, while in the bus, singing even if it is in the shower is something that has become vital for me. In conclusion: to stay sane, listen to some great music.



My “Sing Along” Playlist:




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