Mugabe lets go of his power after 37 years

Quote Mukunori, acquaintance of Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe was forced out of power after 37 years, by what he called “a betrayal by his lieutenants. After the military deployed troops on November 14 of this year in the capital Harare , everything went down quickly. The 93- year old leader resigned a week later.  The vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had political asylum in South Africa finally returned to be sworn in on Friday.

Mugabe’s rule, which began as incredible news after the end of the white minority rule in 1980, didn’t have the end everyone expected but it didn’t come as surprise to anyone. Not even to Mugabe himself according to Fidelis Mukonori, who knows Mugabe already for decades. He was also the mediator.  “He, under immense pressure in his final days as president, wanted a gradual and “smooth” transition of power to Emmerson Mnangagwa, the VP he recently fired”, said Mukonori in an interview with AP.

After the vice-president Mnangagwa refused to return from his asylum in South Africa, Mugabe had to resort to plan: immediate resignation with help of mediated talks led by  Mukunori, a Catholic priest from the Chishawasha mission Church in the east of the capital, Harare.  He didn’t show his defeat publically. On a televised address on November 19th, he surprised the citizens by not announcing his resignation but announcing instead he would preside over the Congress even when fired from his political party (ZANU- PF).

Mugabe refuses to resign:

Source: CNN’s Youtube Channel

A hero to some, African cartoon dictator to others

The highly educated Mugabe represented to many a hero who brought independence and an end to the white-minority ruling. But according to the majority and resulting events, he was seen as a dictator who destroyed his country to keep his job.

The downslide began after the 2009 elections when he came second in the first round to Tsvangirai. Mugabe affirmed before the elections that if he lost and was rejected by the people it was time for him to leave politics.  After the results, he expressed himself differently by swearing that only God could remove him from offices and unleashed violence to make sure he kept his grip on power.

Other sources: AP Press Release

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