I can and I will


Life is about choices, we hear that a lot but what we don’t hear so often is choose you. There is always a dark and difficult side to every story. It is often untold because not many want to hear it or be vulnerable by sharing it. But not every path is a walk by the sea side and even if it is, you’ll always find rocks in your way. Elbert Hubbard said “A little more persistence. A little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success”.  Why do I write this today? Because I had a really bad day. Yes I am allowed to have one, and you too. Feel it and cry it out although many  may  think otherwise.

I start this blogpost with a bit of an other tone than usual, but because I want you to remember the importance of self worth and that it is also a part of beauty and how you look. “You are never fully dressed without a smile”. You need to shut down all the negativity around you, all the bad things people say, the bitter moments of your day or the looks of someone else. You need to focus on you, even if it is for 20 minutes.


Have you ever had a panic attack? Did you ever start crying without knowing why and couldn’t stop it? Stress, work load, studies and many other things make you feel like you are underwater and can’t come up?  It’s ok! Everyone has situations in which they feel their whole world is caving down, that luck is plotting against them or many things around who keep them up all night. Maybe it is not the end of the world, but if you feel that way, it is the worst thing for you right now and you are allowed to feel that way. And if you do feel that way you need to stop and take a break. That way you’ll be able to continue to make your way to your goals.

Nowadays we live in a society in which acceptance is the most important thing. A society where what they think and want takes up all your time. Make time for you! Yoga, pilates, meditation, a bath, a book, driving with loud music or simply going for a walk, me time is for you to do you and relax.



We millennials deal nowadays with double the competition that our parents or their parents faced in their youth. We need double as much degrees, double as much languages and that becomes as well double the pressure. A pressure that is not often understood or if so, it is easily underrated. We need to slowly learn to understand that we do things for ourselves and that we have to take decisions for ourselves. Older generations have to understand that as well, the faster technology goes, the faster you want us to learn, the faster we grow. And decision making is decision making, even if that particular decision does not fit into your particular standards.


Millennial, older or younger… this goes to you!

You want to turn 2017 into your year and break some standards? Do it but do it for you: push yourself and acknowledge your limits. Do it for you and no one else. If someone says you can or you can’t, if someone says you have to change something or you don’t, if someone say don’t or do: stop listening for a few seconds, count to ten and ask yourself “what do I want?”.  If you don’t think you are fat then don’t try to loose weight for others. If you are healthy that is all that matters, don’t go into unhealthy habits because people like to put pressure on you to feel superior. Friends, family, strangers, classmates they all do that with or without noticing and that only hurts you. If you want a make a change do it, believe in yourself, it’s your choice but if you don’t then don’t and be proud that you are not doing it.




With this long but I hope inspiring introduction I want to start a series on my category lifestyle. It is about making healthier choices, for myself, at my speed, at my tempo with no pressures from anyone but myself. I’d like to share them with you with some tips and stories from my experiences, not to teach you how it is done because I am no expert, but to inspire you to make healthy choices and that they can be done slowly or faster than you thought.




So for those of you who wrote on their New Year’s resolutions: make a change, eat healthier, loose weight, be happy, find peace, be healthy, be inspired, start a journey or love myself; then stay tuned ’cause this series is for you.

The benefits of “me-time”, my favorite work outs, tips, experiences and even my favorite health apps, all in this new lifestyle series!




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Good luck and talk to you soon!

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