How to create the perfect red lip



A mat red lip is a classic no matter where you go. You can look chic and put together, or just go for the model off duty look. It doesn’t matter what I am going for, a red lip is a key piece on my beauty routine. Although we all have to admit a red lip is not the easiest thing to achieve. But here are the tips you need for that perfect classic.


I once read on VOGUE that a red lip was the essence of a french woman, but I think it is so much more. For centuries a red lip has been used to make a statement, or as an accessory. Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and many other different fashion icons have been rocking the bold lip for a long time.


When I was young  people always told me different things about wearing a red lip, but at the end I found out that it only requires a brave enough girl to wear it, and nothing else. To me a bold lip means confidence and style, that extra boost we need from time to time. Just like Sandy did in Grease. After all Coco Chanel said it herself: “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack”.




Of course achieving that red lip is not that easy. It does take time to learn all the techniques, but to make it a lot easier I have some beauty tips to help you achieve that perfect look.


Moisturise your lips very good, that way there will not be chipped bits on your lips and the lipliner will run smoothly.If you are going for a mat red lip then pay extra attention to the lips, the better you moisturise them every day the better the mat colour will stay.  When lining your lips there are two options: choosing a red liner or a liner that is similar to your natural lip color. Either way try not to overline them to much. After you have applied they liner you can add the red lipstick.  For a long lasting red add a bit of setting powder over them.


My signature look tip: Apply a darker colour or black lipstick to the outer part of your lips lightly after  lining them. Then go over with the actual red. This creates a different look, adds dimension and makes it look a bit more chic and sexy.


My favourites:

YSL – Rouge pur couture 

Bobby Brown – Parisian Red 

Rimmel Kate Moss – 01 

NYX -Siren

Sephora collection Cream Lipstain – COLOR 28 Night Bird


















Let me know if you guys recreate this look and what is your signature look in the comments bellow. Don’t forget to subscribe on the right so you don’t miss anything.


Bisou x x


What I wore:

Skinny jeans -DKNY

Off the shoulder bodysuit – ZARA

Choker – ZARA

Nail Polish – Sephora



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