Green, healthy and ready to start the day!


Well yes the summer is here!

Honestly not quite yet in Belgium but I’m trying to stay positive so maybe the sun will start showing up more often and the rainy clouds will finally decide to take a vacation. Anyways that does not mean that the weather hasn’t been a bit more hot. That gives us more motivation to go work out or spend a little more time outside of our online world. Or maybe just check Instagram outside in your garden… The truth is that cities in Europe, specially Antwerp, are more alive when the sun shines.
The thing is lately I had been feeling a little too tired. Not good at all for the time of the year when we finally get that oh so wanted vitamin D. But every body knows that exams, stress, rain and many other things that appear in your daily routine unannounced suck all of your energy.
Using my little bit of extra time I began exercising again. I go for runs, do some pilates or yoga, anything that would keep me exercised but also healthy, awake and in a good mood. Yet I was missing one step, healthy fuel for my body. Actually everyone is always busy with exercising and looking good and end up forgetting to give themselves a bit of extra time to eat clean.
I found this amazing veggie smoothie to incorporate all that clean and healthy energy to our everyday story with loads of other benefits.
A  healthy drink for detoxing but also filling you and your day with energy to go against it all. Not only that but if you also have a hard time eating your servings of veggies everyday, this is an amazing and tasty solution. With only 29 calories this juice starts you up for a day full of work, uni or even before or after excersising.
But lets talk about my 3 favorite ingredients and their benefits:
Ginger is also commonly known for its medicinal power. It is commonly linked with solving stomach problems like nausea. It also reduces muscle pain, soreness and inflamation so it’s actually what you need after a day at the gym. It does also lower blood sugars and helps prevent heart diseases.
Cucumber are mostly (95% ) made of water, actually a great base for a juice. That does not only hydrates your body but it is also know for it’s amazing power in skin hydration. It also contains an anti-inflammatory called fiseting that plays an important role in brain health and memory. And it is not only full of vitamins that help you manage stress and have antioxidant properties but it also freshens your breath.
Lemon, an ingredient that is full of benefits and everyone knows about them, can go from skin and hair care to the treatment of infection. Also boosting out immunological system is one of its many effects along with being linked to cure dental problems, obesity and high blood pressure.

What you need

– Spinach
– Lemon
– Ginger
– Cucumber
– Water
– Pear
Blend it all in, let is cool in the fridge for a bit and you are in for a treat!
It can also be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days. Shake before drinking.


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