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foto 2Being active is an important part of life. Recently I have been feeling like I needed an extra boost. School and daily routine can be a little overwhelming. And adding a fitness routine to it can make you loose it. A healthy lifestyle is all about planning.

So I decided I was going to start to run. Obviously is not like just putting on your running shoes and stepping out of the house for a 4K run. You have to build it up. Which is king of tricky to know how to begin with it.




foto 1-1Since last week I began with the running schedule for beginners. At first is was really confusing because it’s a combination of running and walking, but once you get a hang of it, it is really not that hard.

So I run the 0k to 5k for beginners program which involves running 3 days until now and about 25 minutes. It is actually a very nice schema to help you plan inside your busy life and with easy instructions.



If you are interested in beginning this running active and healthy lifestyle, visit this page:


Stay tuned for healthier tips!

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