Flirty lashes



No eye make up in the world is ready without a good coat of mascara, that is a fact everyone knows. In my opinion eyelashes really put the hole look together. The truth is that not everyone has the luck to have long en lustrous eyelashes like a makeup model. But that doen’t have to be a nightmare.



Wearing fake eyelashes totally changes your makeup look. You have different types, sizes and lengths. You can be very daring but also very natural. After a little patience and eyelash glue you can have beautiful doll eyes.

They say fake eye lashes is not for everybody but I find that a myth. Practice makes it perfect specially if you talk about make up. But there are tips & tricks to make it so much easier.

DSCN8740For this look I decided to use individual long eye lashes. In H&M you find a very good package with 3 different lengths that you can mix and match. This can make your look really natural but also a bit more out there if you choose to use the long ones .

First of all you need to check if the lash matches with your eyelash. If you are using  lash strip, make sure the strip matches the length of your eye. If they do not match you can always cut them.

The glue is also very important! Make sure you have a good quality glue. Lash glue can be a little be smelly but, if you are using an old one and it really smells throw it away! It doesn’t work anymore. Apply the glue in een cotton swab and then to the lash, this helps specially if they are individual lashes. Let the glue dry a bit until it has a tacky, pasty texture.


The most important trick is tweezers! Take the lash with a tweezer in the point and place it exactly where you want it. Apply gentle pressure for a few seconds to let it stick and then continue with the others.

That is all you need to know for flirty lashes that stay there all day and look very natural!

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