Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot


The trick to dressing with effortless class is to find what you like, and find where the trends and your own style meet. That is absolutely not easy to do, that takes a lot of studying yourself, trends and others. The easiest way is to combine what you like and find your muse. Your “muse” can be a person you know or a complete stranger, your favourite designer or even your favourite language. That is how it happened for me. I found my inspiration in Paris.


Paris has always spoken to me in a special language, something not everyone can hear. Since I was a little child it had always been my dream to go there and there I found my style. Then I enthusiastically studied the best representations of fashion in Paris, its icons. From Brigitte Bardot and Coco Chanel to Jane Birkin. Amazingly chic women that effortlessly walked down the street, making a striped shirt something everyone needed to have in their closet. The city, its architectural beauty, the way people are and live also inspired a lot of my outfits. The romantic air made its way to my accessories, adding sweet romantic details to my style.  Go ahead and try, mix and match: old trends with new trends, what you like with what your icon wears. Be inspired by everything around you.




This time I let you discover one of my icons, so you understand and feel inspired by what I do. Brigitte Bardot has more than one iconic look, but her French girl style is very defined .That is why I will bring you this week different outfits to try and channel that inner Brigitte Bardot inside you.


Here is the first one. This time all you need is a skinny turtleneck, a mini skirt a bit of fur, statement earrings and knee high boots. Très jolie!
























What I wore:

Turtleneck – Primark

Boots – Via Spiga

Miniskirt – Express

Earrings – Vintage

Coat – Primark



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