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Being a fashion blogger is much more than following trends and putting outfits together. It involves creativity, sense of style and the ability to see beyond what everyone wears while mix it with your own style. Many find it a form of expression, art. Fashion has always been there for me. Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a part of that world. I never left my house without a bag with lipstick in it. (True story, ask my mom).  Of course like every little girl who dreamed of being part of the movie The Devil Wears Prada more than anything, you grow up learning the how to’s of fashion through role models and fashion icons. These women who inspire us every day give us a piece of their style that later on mixes with ours and starts creating that what we call fashion.


Of course the idea of starting a fashion blog didn’t come from anywhere. I followed a lot of women for a long time, studying and learning from them. I feel that that started to shape me and my style, yet more than that they made me start trying new things. That’s why I feel that it’s my turn to introduce you 2 of my favorite bloggers so you, like I did, feel inspired by them.


Pamela Allier


Monday mood ? // Empezando bien la semana ??? #pamallierinmayakoba

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I thought given my roots and early life, I needed to start with some latin vibes. This Mexican beauty started blogging in 2014. The exact year I graduated and decided to take the big step and move to Europe. I had been following loads of bloggers before her, but there is something about her that never gets old. She blogs in English and Spanish and is a regular contributor for Harper’s Bazar.


Happy 1st day of Spring!! ❤? #pamallier pic by @monikamotor_photography

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What I love about her is that in some way you always get that tropical vibe from her and her looks. My style then was much more “Californian surfgirl”, but when moving to the cold weather of Antwerp that was no longer a choice. The fact that she always finds a clever way to incorporate winter and fall trends from the catwalk and give them her own spin and remind you where she comes from is amazing. Besides that, she always shares what she loved from the shows, which not many bloggers do. She doesn’t just style it but she also lets you see what inspired her.



Her photos are amazing and very original. She can definitely get away with any outfit but the way she brings them in her photos is what makes them take that extra step. Street style or not, she knows how to play with textures and colors to make every single one of them different but still wearing that signature that says “that’s Pamela”.

Apart from all this, she represents who I want to be. A blogger and influencer in the fashion world, who inspires others and delivers the trends with her own style and that signature that reminds everyone who she is and where she comes from. She also writes regularly for fashion magazines and goes to fashion weeks.  She travels the world and that inspires her work.



Janni Delér


Cactus hunting ??

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Jani is a 26 year old blogger from Sweden currently living in Monaco. She has the perfect combination of fashion, travel and fitness in her blog.  She also has a youtube channel and daily blog with her boyfriend Jon Olsson.  I love her style and her travel blogs are amazing.  I think what I appreciate the most about her blog, apart from the incredible style, travel and fitness tips are the amazing images she shares. They are beyond beautiful.


Boogie board buddies ???‍♀️??? @marcusvaleur

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I do follow her already for about 2 years and I still find her amazing. Her style is again very surf girl, model-off-duty vibe that matches a lot with me, the way I dress and my personality. That’s why I always love to check out how she styles some trends. Very often we style things the same way.  I also think her fitness stories are very inspiring. She has a completely plant-based diet and does a lot of exercise. The best part is that her goal is not “I do all this because I’m fat” but “do it because it is for you and your health”.


Touchdown Maldives ? White beaches and seashells here we come ??

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Her travel section which is often combined with her outfits is incredible. Again the pictures are breathtaking and the places they go are unbelievable. I do think that I love it so much because I would travel to those places and do what they do. They both travel to tropical places filled with beautiful beaches and natural wonder. They also always try to add a bit of adventure to their trips. Hiking, surfing, swimming in lakes in the middle of a forest. I would just love to do all that!


On the run ??‍♀️? Full look and details on my blog ? | ?: @jonolsson1

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That is the great thing about the internet and blogs, you don’t only admire them and their work but you also experience what they do.



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