Ballet White




Through out  our lives we get obsessed with a specific colour that manages to turn itself into the only colour we use. For me it was always black. Black was elegant, grunge, punk, fashionable and sometimes even cute. Every stage I went through black was there.

The thing is that if you are into fashion as much as I am, you follow millions of people online, with millions of different trends. It is inevitable to turn your wardrobe into a mix of trends, colours and fabrics.




For the beginning of the spring I see it all become soft colours and shades. But the colour that is actually dominating is white. Cute dresses, nail polish, shoes, bags, jeans, t-shirts, everything is white. If not you’ll see soft  colours like light blue, beige or even light mustard.





What  I love about it, is that white goes with everything and is really light to wear. You can do anything you want with white and it never gets old. Plus it is really fresh for the summer and brings out your tan.








Although red was the colour of this spring in fashion week, I think you should also look for some  white in your wardrobe. Trust me you’ll never go wrong this spring and summer with wearing white.






This little white dress comes from H&M. It has an opening at the back. The upper part is really slim fit and the skirt is flowy. This is not only perfect for a warm day but you can also dress it up. You can really feel like a ballet princess. And to honour the colour of the season I decided to match it with a red lip, with my Rimmel Kate Moss 01 lipstick, and curls for my hair.




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