Allure, Love and Baciami



Valentine’s Day is on its way, and everything around is hearts, flowers and chocolates. There are different opinions around this day. Yet, this day appears to be an international holiday all around the world. It is a day to celebrate love, for a friend, a partner, or even a family member. But let’s be sincere, what woman doesn’t dream about that romance story?


Romantic comedies are daily shown on tv, poems read all around the world about the beauty of love and books read with the best love stories. Can you sense the hopeless romantic in me? Kiss me, a combination of words that everyone has heard around this time of the year. Every love film you’ve seen has that line that make us get goose bumps instantly.



What a better time to let yourself be inspired by love than in Valentine’s day. The guys from Harvey Prince did a great job in creating a scent that represents that Italian storia d’amore.  Wonder it’s their bestseller. An incredible smell for an everyday romantic touch with an amazing staying power. The best part of it, is that is completely cruelty free and vegan.  Baciami is all about the floral romance of Rome in spring.


Allure, is defines as the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. Just like a rose in spring, every woman has her own allure. And for extra pampering on a Valentine’s Day there is nothing more attractive than this amazing scent. Difficult to define, impossible to resist. Intriguing and sexy  but still floral, fresh.



Here I leave you with the story used as the product description of this gorgeous perfume:


“She strolled the cobblestone streets of Rome and marveled at the beauty of this ancient city. Rome always had a way of stirring both awe and romance in her. The Colosseum. The Pantheon. St. Peter’s Basilica. But by far, her preferred spot was the Trevi Fountain, with its exquisitely illuminated Baroque sculptures and crowds of people each night.

She took a seat by the edge of the fountain. People watching was one of her favorite things to do. All around her, beautiful Italian women with faces like Renaissance portraits and striking Italian men with dark, chiseled features chatted the night away, as the soothing sound of the fountain’s cascading waters echoed dimly.

She opened her purse and spritzed her new perfume, Baciami, on her neck. Notes of fresh lemon, tangy cassis, and ripe pineapple released in the balmy night air, as dewy calla lily and alluring jasmine, sweet brown sugar, sensual sandalwood, warm vanilla, and clean musk enveloped her in an enchanting mist.

A devastatingly handsome Italian with passionate brown eyes approached her, and said, with a gentle smile, “You smell magnificent.”

“Grazie, signore,” she replied in perfect Italian.

“May I?” he asked, leaning in closer to her neck.

She nodded yes with a coy smile.

He breathed in her sweet perfume deeply and their eyes locked for what seemed like an eternity to her. He then softly kissed her neck. She slipped Baciami back into her purse.

“Do you know what ‘Baciami’ means in English?” he asked.

“Kiss me,” she replied with a smile.”




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Surely a fragrance of spring!




















What I wore:

Chanel Dress – ZARA

Baciami perfume – Harvey Prince Organics

Back detailed bralette – La Senza



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