A French Girl’s guide for Flawless hair



If there is anything that characterizes a French fashion icon is her flawless, yet effortless hair. But getting this beautiful soft locks is no easy task, specially in the wintery and rainy days. Haircare is a very important part of my weekly routine.  I didn’t only want to share my favourite products with you but also the 5 stages to the perfect french style hair.





  1. Once a week, give your hair a treat: I enjoy long warm baths a lot, also a perfect moment for a hair mask. Caring for your hair is not only washing it and styling it but also every now and then going to the hairdresser’s for a trim or applying a nourishing mask. I love to do that every week. My favourite is a recent discovery but truly a good one: Keravegan from Harvey Prince. It is full of nourishing oils and completely natural. It is a oily and creamy hair mask that leaves your hair soft in minutes. Every product from the range is biological and harm-free, factors that are as well very important when buying a product. It is a bit heavy so I would recommend it for once or twice every two weeks.
  2. Add essential oils to your routine: When you wash your hair and in between washes add oils to your hair. Washing, styling, sun, cold and wind can make our hair really fragile and dry. I like to apply a Marrocan Oil based conditioner. In the week between washes I also use Marrocan Oil in the ends so they stay strong and nourished. My favourite Marrocan Oil based products for this, are the HASK products.
  3. Wash it, but not too much: Washing your hair a lot, makes it super dry. Not only that but it also makes it weaker. When you wash it once or twice a week you preserve those natural oils that you want to keep and that your hair needs.
  4. Volume, Volume: A very important part of any French girl’s routine is adding volume to her hair. And lets face it, there is nothing more sexy than adding bit of volume to your hair. The best way to do this is by following the right steps. Use warm rolls in the crown area and on the framing pieces of the face.  Then tease or back comb the hair on your crown to add more volume. Arrange it the way you want and add a bit of hairspray. My favourite is the Sebastian  Reshaper spray.
  5. Keep it feminine with sweet details: This style is all about making a feminine side of fashion even  when wearing manly pieces. Focus on always adding a fun or sweet detail that makes your outfit different and more feminine. That doesn’t mean go ahead and cut some bangs but to add something extra. From a nice scarf to a small bow.




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