A different point of view: The world is as scary as you make it

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COLUMN – Today I woke up with a heavy feeling. I’m sure that everyone has experienced one of those days. You wake up with a heavy feeling in your stomach or throat and your head is spinning thinking that there is something wrong, that the air is heavy or that bad vibes have filled the air. I mean, why wouldn’t you? As journalists, especially on our student phase, we are addicted or made addicted to media. We must follow every media channel possible. But, have you stopped for a second to think, what are we actually reading all day? Shootings, economic crisis, people fleeing their countries and even pictures of abandoned kitties on your Facebook feed. Bad news, after bad news. How are we meant to wake up and not feel overwhelmed?

After those types of messages fill my evening, break or morning, I can’t help but to feel on edge. It’s like every step I take my body is filled with adrenaline, prepared to flee at any given danger. I guess that’s what people call stress. Trust me, coming from a much more violent and unsafe environment, this feeling is light but it still bothered me to be feeling this way. That’s when I started making a list of the suspects that were making me feel weird this morning. Of course, I thought quickly of a long list until I realized, it was actually kind of my fault.

There are lots of bad things happening in the world that is a fact, and we are making a huge deal about dumb things.  We complain about the rain, how much traffic we found on our way to work or even about a “bad hair day”. Not to fill your day with clichés and make you want swipe out of this post but shouldn’t we all add a bit of a positive message to our day? Think about it. How many times do you complain every day? Honestly. Now, how many times are you grateful for the day? Based on how much bad news we read and hear, we should be grateful for every bit of it. What a philosophical morning.

With that in mind, I went down the stairs and out to begin my day. Monday mornings come up particularly as the worst day of the week: the weekend ended, deadlines, work and if you scroll on facebook often you’ll be familiar with the post that people use to express their addiction to coffee. But not me, not today. I went out, enjoyed the crisp, 6° C morning air of this Monday. I walked grateful for being able to enjoy another day, and waited calmly for the metro enjoying that extra time to read some news. The day didn’t feel like a heavy Monday anymore, my point of view affected not what happened but my reaction to things and how I solved every problem or trouble that came my way. I was not making such a big deal of small things and focusing on how good it was that they were happening.

It felt like the first time I wore glasses. It runs in the family, we are just not 20/20 seeing people. After a while of trying to ignore it, I went to get my eyes checked and fix some glasses for my self. The moment I wore them, every single bit of my sight was 10 times more colorful and clear like I was seeing in HD. I was reluctant for a while about wearing glasses, how they would make me look and how I would look weird without them after a while, but the minute I shifted that negative point of view and chose to try and see the good on it my life was much more colorful. So, why don’t we all wear glasses?


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