A bandana and a sweater dress



The sweater dresses are a thing again. Not only in stores like ZARA or H&M but also in the high end stores.  A very cozy style that can be easily styled with tights. Yet I don’t find them to be the most important trend  coming back this season. If you saw the Chanel show last Thursday, you know that bandanas are used now for everything, even as a head piece.




Bandanas have been back since last summer but I never thought they would find their way into the winter. This old and vintage trend is coming back along with chains and pearls, trends that were long seen as something from the past.





There are different ways to wear a bandana, but I find that when using a plain outfit such as a sweater dress you can add a little fun to it.  With a special bandana tied around your neck, you can add a splash of color to a boring outfit. The best thing is that you can not only have fun with the shades and shapes but also how you use it: tied around your waist, on your bag, hair or around your neck.





What I wore:

Sweater dress – H&M (Look alike)

Hat -FOREVER 21 

Bandana – Vintage

Shoes – Adidas 

Tights – H&M 

Blouse – ZARA

Lipstick – Chanel 

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