20 things you should know in your 20’s

I turned 20 and I wanted to share a bit of my expirience. Everyone knows that is not easy to learn from someone else’s expirience. Anyways I have 20 things that I think everyone in their 20’s should know or try to do so. You may relate to it, learn from it or simple be inspired. No matter what, here are my 20 things:





  1. If you love someone, TELL THEM!: It does not matter if it’s the guy you fancy from 2 years ago, your bestfriend or your parents who you don’t often take the time to remind them how much you love them. Life is unexpected, and you never know what could happen. Maybe the opportunity goes away and you are left with nothing else but regret.

  2. Make your decisions YOURS!: I know that sometimes we are in a situation where our parents or someone else influences our choices. Don’t let it happen! Take your choices and make your mistakes at the end the path you choose is for your happiness. If it goes wrong than you learn from your mistakes. If someone else chooses for you then you are only going to regret it!

  3. It’s ok not to be OK: No one actually knows what they are doing, and as you grow older you notice that a lot! One decision bad decision won’t ruin your life, learn from it! We learn to figure things out as we go.

  4. If you want something, GO GET IT!: Shoot for the stars, the sky is the limit! If you can visualize it, work hard for it and make you happy, you’ll make it! If it is a new hobby, skydiving, a trip or your dream job, it doesn’t matter! You can do it!

  5. Everything happens for a reason!: I know, I know you’ve heard it before. But you have to admit it is kind of true. I hate hearing things like this when something goes wrong but the reality is that everything that happens has a purpose in life for you and you have to embrace it with all its goodness and its badness.

  6. Don’t worry, be happy: This is a really hard one for me, and I have a hard time not forgetting it but it’s completely true! Worrying won’t solve anything, and may sometimes block you. As long as you do what makes you feel comfortable and happy there is no reason to worry!

  7. Money, even though it can’t buy you love, is necessary: It is not simple but you have to learn to administrate yourself a bit . Don’t buy things you don’t need! That doen’t mean you can’t spoil yourself once, but don’t spend money you don’t have. It won’t do you any good. You don’t know the value of money and needing it until you don’t have it!

  8. Go out, see the world: Travel, a lot, and I mean it! It doesn’t matter if it’s next to your hometown or far away go! Learn new languages, meet people, cultures, places, whatever you do will bring you new expiriences and wil make you grow in so many different ways!

  9. Don’t go light on the word friend: Anyone can be friendly but that does not make them friends! That is a hard one to learn but it is a fact. Some stay forever others just go away, and that is OK! The friendship that you work for and make you happy are the ones that last. If it’s not working don’t force it!

  10. You’re weird? Embrace it!: Love yourself… that is something everyone recommends but there is actually not a guide that helps you with this difficult task. It is not easy but the more you get to know who you are and accept it you’ll be confident about every single piece of the puzzle.

  11. Exercise: It’s good for you! It really is! It gives you a boost of energy, helps you be more awake and active, takes care of your body and gets rid of all the bad things in your organism. Do it and do it regularly, you body will thank you later.

  12. Stay away from the bad vibes: You don’t like getting them and nobody likes receiving them! All that talking and criticizing just comes back and does no good. You don’t know what others are going through so don’t judge. Understanding is key. Being angry doesn’t mean hurting people. And hate just doesn’t take you anywhere.

  13. You deserve some ME time: Sometimes you need time for yourself and you have to do it! For your mental and fisical health. Go on for a run and then lay down on the tub to read your favourite book because you did an amazing job this week and you earned it! Organize yourself, everybody has his own way to do it, there is always time for you. We call it “Il dolce far niente!”

  14. Learn to appreciate other’s beauty without forgetting about yours: Love yourself remember? Other people can be beautiful but that doesn’t mean you are not. Someone else can be good and that doesn’t make you bad.

  15. Not everybody thinks the same way you do: Everyone is built in a different way. Nobody has learned everything in the same way and shares the same opinions as you. You don’t have to change your vision but accept how others see it and respect it.

  16. Time is short: Do what makes you happy and nothing else but please don’t forget to live! Enjoy every second of it, don’t try to fast foward because you will want to come back.

  17. Make the jump: Sometimes you get that one moment with an unbelievable opportunity…. Don’t let it go, if it is what you want do it. What could go wrong? And if goes wrong you learn from it but you will never regret it. Forget that word combination of “what” and “if”, it is not useful.

  18. Happiness comes with everything: Choose to look at the bright side of things, you have the power to make yourself sad but also very happy. Accept what comes with it! Anyways it is not fun to surf in calm waters!

  19. You don’t want it? Don’t agree: Say No! Don’t try to walk arround it or think about it! If you don’t want something think about your happiness and good vibes and say it! You will not like to be stuck in something that you didn’t even agree with or didn’t like.

  20. Let it out!: If you feel bad, you feel bad and that can’t be stored in your system forever. Some people may not see it or understand it but you have to let it out! Forgive, life is not forever, let all that anger go and learn to forgive! Smile , laugh, cry!




Hope you are a bit inspired and that you go out and live everyday with a huge smile, loving every aspect of it!

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