Raw coconut oil for your hair



We have all needed once to save our hair from damage, split ends, heat, or just want it to grow. I have tried different hairstyles and colours, and that has been hurting my hair through the years.



DSCN8722You may have read about a lot of tips and tricks for growing your hair and repairing your hair, but probably haven’t found the one thing that really helps. Coconut oil has actually really impressed me, I saw it at first in a video on youtube and despite the fact that I didn’t believe it, I did try it.

It does an amazing job adding shine to your hair and makes is really soft which is very helpful if you are letting your hair grow or giving it a rest from heat. It moisturizes deeply preventing hair breakage and split ends which contributes to hair length.



How to use?

The coconut oil can be applied to your scalp and hair, so it depends on what you are looking for. When massaged into the scalp it helps to improve blood circulation, which is a great help into growing your hair. Do it with a gentle pressure during 10 minutes, you’ll only need 1 teaspoon.

My ends are the most damaged, so what I do is apply it to the hair ends and comb it through the hair so it reaches every strand. You can leave it for 45 minutes or with a cap sleep on it and wash it in the morning.





An amazing conditioner en hair repair trick that is completely natural and inexpensive. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of coconut?

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