Hair care for the cold days


The cold days are here! That means leaves turning brown, sweaters, tea, Christmas and all things great! But it also means we have to take a little bit more care of our skin and hair. We all know that the cold weather, constant wind and rain can make our skin very dry. Moisturizing is key for the Autumn-Winter season. It is never to late to start doing a little  bit more effort. What we often forget is that our hair suffers a lot as well.

Hair dryers and curling irons are already not very good, but if you add cold weather to the equation your hair  is going to be shouting for help in no time. Specially those of you who have long hair!





I might not be a hairdresser but from bad experiences you learn a lot, and boy have I had bad experiences with my hair. I have saved it from extreme hair decoloration, purple balayge and short hair cuts. That’s why I have a few tips. This is what you should be doing this season to make those long or short locks “pinterest-ready”!


1.  Keep washing your hair to a minimum: It probably doesn’t sound like the most clean thing ever, but I of course don’t mean wash it once a month. It does really work! Your hair has its own natural moisture full with the nutrients he needs. You need those more than any other that an artificial cream or treatment you buy can give you . When you wash it every day you also private your hair from all that moisture that keeps it from being dry. Plus,  the more you wash it the more your hair will create its own moisture to compensate so your hair will get even greasier. Embrace and learn about the power of dry shampoo.

My picks:

–   Batiste dry shampoo

 Kevin Murphy Dry shampoo 

2.  Don’t leave the house with your hair wet!: Not only will you most certainly catch a cold but your hair suffers a lot from it. The moisture in your hair combined with the cold will add further damage. It also increases the chance of broken and split ends.


3. Treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning cream or treatment: The only way to fight the dryness is to hydrate it. There are many oils and creams to help you hydrate it. I personally use coconut oil the night before I wash it and sleep with my hair tied in a bun. I like to hydrated also in the week with a less intense treatment for those mornings when I don’t have that much time. For that I use oils that you can apply to your hair, brush it and leave it in.

My picks:

–  Gliss Kur – Dream hair weigthless oil: Use 2 sprays in the points of your wet                               hair and comb through

Gisou hair oil 

Maroccan oil Restorative Hair mask 

4. Now is the time to care for him: The leaves start to fall and your hair follows the same process. Brush it regularly. That way you’ll get rid of all the dead hair easier. Besides that you should pay your hairdresser a visit. Getting regular trims is very important and now more than ever. You don’t want your hair to look that dry? Get rid of the split ends before winter.

My picks:

Tangle Teezer






Those are 4 things that are a must in my weekly routine for hair care as the weather becomes colder and colder. I have learned that if you are trying to grow out your hair or repair hair damage done by dye, this are things you need to think about doing on a weekly basis.


Apart from all this I have a great tip and challenge for you to try out! I wrote about it of my last blog. It will for sure be the best decision you’ll make this November to help your hair be restore and take a break from all that constant damage.


No heat november guys, keep holding on!






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